• 2018- Created the cover art for the rerelease by Gravecult Records of Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør the second full-length album by Norwegian solo artist MORTIIS.
  • 2018- Created illustration for the Canadian Dungeon Synth project GRAVEREN.
  • 2018- Created the logo of the Canadian Dark Ambient project SEPTENTRION.
  • 2011- Created the covert art of the first album of the Canadian metal band PUTAMEN INSULA.


Institut Teccart, Québec, Canada
AEC, 3D Animation & Design
2015 – 2017
2D & 3D animation, rigging in 3Ds Max. Fx with After Effects, Texturing with Photoshop & Zbrush and 3D modeling with Zbrush and 3Ds Max.


  • 2018- Participated to Lovecraftuary challenge on instagram in February.