Artist Statement

Graduated in 3D animation design, I have acquired many new skills to transform my passion for visual arts into practical use. Self-taught illustrator, painter and musician, I dedicate much of my free time into perfecting myself with the help of books and tutorials.

My art is inspired by the old horror stories, Black metal, Fantasy, engravings on wood, Mythology, the Antiquity era, nature and beautiful women.

Artist History

I was born in Montréal, Québec and I am still living here. Since childhood I have been fascinated by creatures and fantasy, which take me to the infinite realms of imagination. I discovered fantasy while looking at my father playing video games. I was too young to understand how to really play those games, but outside in nature and with only my child imagination, I was in the games fighting creatures. As I grew up, I discovered Mythologies, the Lord of the Rings books by J.R.R. Tolkien and the books by H.P. Lovecraft. My fascination just grew even more.

Sadly, one day depression knocked at my door. My imagination and my love for art became burried for years. Meanwhile, I discovered Norwegian Black Metal, Dungeon Synth music and much later tabletop rpgs. It changed my method of expressing my negative emotions. Pain was not transposed on me anymore but expressed on paper and music. I learned new artistic techniques, read a lot of artistic books, studied art from the old masters. I had new goals, dreams and it gave me a reason to live, to wake up. As Edgar Allan Poe said one day: ''To be happy to a certain extent, we must have suffered to the same extent.'' Nowadays, my childhood love for creatures and my love for mythology are back greater than ever. Melancholy is not my inspiration anymore but it is fantasy stories, myths, people I care and most of all, nature. With my anatomy knowledge and my practice, my creations are more real and vibrant. The main purpose for my creation is to make the viewers/listeners dream for a while and forget the dull reality of life for a brief moment. Make them escape the routine and dive in a universe of horror, sometimes beauty and possibilities.