Book of the moment: Ring Around the Sun by Mathieu Vaillancourt

I am currently reading a book that my dad lent me by Clifford Donald Simak called '' Ring around the Sun ''. Less than 100 pages and I will have finished reading this good book.

The book is the french version so I made a translation of the text on the backcover of the book:

Translation by  Michel Sciama  Illustration by   Wojtek Siudmak

Translation by Michel Sciama
Illustration by Wojtek Siudmak

Cliffwood, 1987. Passionate about his work as a writer, Jay Vickers chose to live in this peaceful village in upstate New York. But the outside world will take him on an incredible adventure. A world suddenly at bay: throughout the country, families are disappearing; on the market, objects, cars, all indestructible, all eternal, arise from nowhere. The United States industry is wavering, their political balance too ... Someone then wakes up in Vickers and remembers another land where twice he has penetrated.

Ring Around the Sun is my second science fiction novel I've read in my life. 'Roadside Picnic' by the brothers Strugatsky was the first I read this year. Usually, I am more in horror, fantasy and fairy tales.

I intend to read other books of this type in the future. I discover a literary genre, which to date, I like a lot.


Call Of Cthulhu: When fear of blood and murderous frenzy coexist. by Mathieu Vaillancourt

Mi-go , a creature from the  Cthulhu Mythos

Mi-go, a creature from the Cthulhu Mythos

My last game of Call of Cthulhu as a keeper was really fun. I initiated two of my old friends to play this wonderful game by Chaosium Inc.

For one of them, tabletop RPGs were a new thing. We had a great time together. It was a challenge to create a story really scary with people who are accustomed to horror & gore theme since young years.

One of the strong parts of the session was when my players saw a cultist very badly mutilated in a corner of a room, they loosed enough sanity points at the same time and had a bout of madness. The first player, Trevor by his character name, exploded in a spree of uncontrolled violence and destruction directed at the cultist, butchering him with a knife.

Marc, the second character, developed a fear of blood for 8 hours... When he saw the cultist mutilated, he started to run in terror and screaming while Trevor continued stabbing the remains of the poor cultist.

Zoog , a creature from the  Cthulhu Mythos

Zoog, a creature from the Cthulhu Mythos

After the insane violence fury that Trevor went through, he went after his terrorized friend Marc to try to calm him down, covered in blood head to toes and ignoring that his friend had developed a phobia of seeing bloodfor 8 hours! This scene was memorable and really special. My players and I really liked it.

Will their character die or become insane next time? We will find out next session.

Thank you Howard Phillip Lovecraft for creating an amazing mythos and thank you Chaosium Inc.

New home with a studio by Mathieu Vaillancourt

Since the beginning of summer, my girlfriend has moved with me and we have installed our studio in a room. We can create each of our own art and thus inspire, encourage, ask and give criticism on our works.

When the magic happen…

When the magic happen…

Being both artists, we have arranged our studio with compartments for our artistic material, a metal wire on the wall to pin references and projects in progress. There is also a tripod for the camera if we want to record when we draw and paint. We may also add decorations on walls in the futur.

Some of my art tools

Some of my art tools

Principally I am an illustrator and I use most of the time black ink but recently I brought my first kit of watercolor and I am learning to mix color. My kit is really small so I can paint everywhere I want. last week I went to a museum and I painted old human skulls, and instincted birds. It was really fun and I will do this again soon, it is a great way to improve watercolor and study the models.

Also, in setember to october, I will start my oil painting courses in Montreal. I have brought a French Style Easel for painting outside landscapes and tweek them with a Fantasy flavor after in my studio. I can not wait to start learning how to paint with oil!

Imagines my black & white creatures painted with oil, they will become real nightmare.

The cultist, made with watercolor.

The cultist, made with watercolor.